Next steps – PL-900

Congratulations for completing this PL-900 course.

What’s the next step for you? Here are some resources which can help you in your future learning journey.

The official Practice test

What is a good way to prepare for the PL-900 exam? Why not redo all of the quizzes and the Practice Test in this course.

After that, then please have a look at the official Microsoft Practice Test and assessment.

The Microsoft PL-900 Practice Test* is around US$100 (full price – it may be on sale). It has 120 questions, and gives you detailed explanations for your answers. This enables you to get used to the style of questions asked and improve on your answers. I would keep doing the Practice Test until you get over 90% right before doing the actual exam. You can do the Practice Test as many times you want for 30 days (for an additional cost, you can extend it to 60 or 365 days, or you can download it onto your computer). We recommend the Practice Test if you are going to do just this one exam.

If you are going to do multiple Microsoft exams, then you may save money getting’s Subscription plan for individuals*. It costs around the price of 2 Practice Tests, and gives you 365-day online access to over 120 tests. It covers all the practice tests from MeasureUp’s catalog, including Windows Server, Azure, Office 365, SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange Server, and more (including from CompTIA, Cisco, AWS, VMware, and PMI).

To avoid multiple users using this individual plan, you can only have one practice test active at once, and once you activate another practice test, you won’t be able to go back to the previous one for the rest of the subscription period. If you have multiple users, there is a Company version available.

The Microsoft PL-900 Assessment* is around US$20 (it may be on sale). This is good if you want a small sample of the questions so that you can say “yes, I’m ready”. However, it only includes 30 questions, you can only use it once (or twice, if you pay extra). It also doesn’t include any explanations or references.

Microsoft’s resources

If you would a book about the PL-900, then please have a look at Microsoft’s PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals*. It is available in both Paperback and Kindle. Please note – as a printed book, it may not reflect the latest version of the PL-900 exam.

You can also look at the official Microsoft Learning Path. There is 1 Learning Path with around 6 modules, which contain 5-15 web pages. Please note: these Learning Paths may not reflect the latest version of the PL-900 exam.

The exam requirements and how to schedule the exam

To see the exam requirements, please go to the Resources section in our course, where you can download a copy. Alternatively, go to Microsoft’s PL-900 Study Guide. Microsoft checks the requirements every couple of months, to ensure that they are up-to-date.

To schedule the exam, please go to the Microsoft PL-900 exam page and click on “Schedule exam”. You can then schedule the exam with Pearson Vue, either in person at a test center, or online. If you are doing your test on line, then you will need a webcam, an internet connection, a private, distraction-free place, and a government-issued ID.

Other video courses you might be interested in

You have just completed a video course on the fundamentals of the Power Platform. Therefore, you might be interested in creating canvas and model-driven Power Apps, or going deeper into Power BI.

My courses follow the requirements of the official Microsoft exams or assessments, and there are plenty of quizzes or practice activities (as appropriate), so you can be sure that you are learning.

Our 17 hour PL-100 “Microsoft Power Platform App Maker” course looks that the Power Platform on a more practical level. You will be building canvas apps, model-driven apps, flows, chatbots in Microsoft Teams, configuring Microsoft Dataverse, and more.

Our 11 hour PL-200 “Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant” course builds on what you have learnt in the PL-100 course. You will be learning about creating a Power Pages website, implementing Power Virtual Agents chatbots, and managing solutions.

Our 12 hour PL-400 “Microsoft Power Platform Developer” course builds on the PL-100 and PL-200 courses. It focuses on JavaScript/TypeScript and C#, allowing you to enhance the Power Platform with plug-ins, components and integrations.

Want to look at Power BI instead? Our 29-hour PL-300 “Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst” course covers the four major parts of Power BI: creating visualisations to present your analysis; transforming your data in Power Query; adding additional columns and measures using DAX; and hosting your analyses online using the Power BI Service.

If you want something shorter, then have a look at courses which cover the requirements of Microsoft Applied Skills assessments.

Our allows you to create Power Automate triggers and actions, add conditional logic, create approvals, and configure owners and sharing. It is at the PL-100 level of difficulty, but it is much more focused on Power Automate.

Udemy Certificate of Completion

If you have watched all of the videos, then you should shortly be able to download your Udemy certificate of completion.

If you have any trouble downloading it, then please go to this website.

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