Extras – PL-300

Practice Tests

Congratulations for completing our PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst course.

One of the best ways to prepare of the PL-300 exam is to do a Practice Test.

The Microsoft Practice Test from Microsoft has over 150 questions. In addition to knowing whether you got the answer right or wrong, you will also get detailed explanations as to why the options are correct or not. These tests are also repeatable, so you can do them multiple times over a period of 30 days, 60 days or one year until you get over 90% of them correct. This is something I buy prior to taking any exams, as in addition to testing my knowledge, I can also get used to the style of questions.

To find out more about the PL-300 Practice Test, please click here.

An alternative way is to take an official Assessment. It is useful if you only want to know how many questions you can currently get correct. However, even though it is a lot cheaper, the Practice Test is a much better way to prepare for the test. The assessment only includes 30 questions, you can only use it once (or twice, with an additional charge), and there are no explanations provided as to why answers are right or wrong. That is why I recommend the Practice Test above instead.

To find out more about the PL-300 Assessment, please click here.

Additional ways to prepare for the PL-300 exam

To prepare for the PL-300 exam, you should check that you know all of the topics listed for the exam. To check this, go to the Microsoft PL-300 exam page and click on “Review the PL-300 study guide”. You can then see all of the suggested topics for the exam. A copy of this is also included at the end of Section 1 of our Power BI video course.

If you would like to read articles about the topics, then scroll down further on that webpage to the Learning Paths. There you will see several modules which you can work through. However, do make sure that they cover the topics in the exam, as they can be out of date.

You can also read the Microsoft Press PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst book. Again, you should make sure that the book covers the topics which are currently in the exam, as the book can be out of date.

Don’t forget – you can rewatch our PL-300 course as much as you would like. However, we know that some students buy courses from additional providers, to provide additional ways of learning. If you would like additional e-learning, then please look at the PL-300 CertKit. It includes 365 days access to online elearning, tips and information. It also includes the Practice Test for 60 days after its first use.

To find out more about the PL-300 CertKit, please click here.