Microsoft Applied Skills – An Overview

In October 2023, Microsoft launched its new credential, the Microsoft Applied Skills.

Here is the current list of credentials and those coming soon:

How can I learn the skills needed for the Microsoft Applied Skills?

I Do Data has courses for several of the Microsoft Applied Skills. Click the hyperlinks above for details.

For other exams, if you look at the details of the those Applied Skills, you will see Microsoft Learn on that webpage.

Where can I find details of these Microsoft Applied Skills?

Click here to go to the Microsoft “Browse Credentials” webpage.

What is the Microsoft Applied Skills assessment like?

  • It consists of a lab in a virtual environment.
  • You will have 2 hours to complete the assessment. This includes time to load the relevant technology.
  • Step 1 – Review the instructions.
  • Step 2 – Access the email messages which gives you the instructions.
  • Step 3 contains your username and password to log into the technology (such as Azure). However, you can select your username, and it will automatically be added.
  • If you look internet connection, then you can reconnect within 15 minutes.

When will I receive my Microsoft Applied Skills assessment results?

It should take just a few minutes.

What happens if I fail my Microsoft Applied Skills assessment?

You can retake it after 72 hours.