What is the Microsoft MB-910 exam?


The Microsoft MB-910 exam tests your knowledge of Dynamics 365 and, more specifically, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps. The ‘900’ exams are at the Fundamental level.

The MB-910 requires theoretical knowledge of Dynamics 365 CRMs. While it is possible to pass this exam without having ever used Dynamics 365, prior knowledge is desirable so that you can see the theory of the apps in practice.

Skills tested

The MB-910 exam focuses on the four individual Dynamics 365 CRM apps, together with their shared features, broken down as follows:

  • Dynamics 365 Marketing.
    • Describe Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities.
    • Describe marketing-related apps.
  • Dynamics 365 Sales.
    • Describe the Dynamics 365 Sales lifecycle.
    • Describe sales-related apps.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
    • Describe Dynamics 365 Customer Service components.
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service.
    • Describe Field Service capabilities.
    • Describe scheduling capabilities.
  • Shared features.
    • Identify common customer engagement features.
    • Describe integration options.

N.B. A previous version of MB-910 exam also included Project Operations, but this is now tested in the MB-920 exam.

The MB-910 exam and the qualification

Microsoft has not to released specific details nature of the MB-910 exam. However, the online community suggests between 35 and 60 questions to be answered in around 60 to 90 minutes.

The pass mark is a scaled score of 700 (out of 1,000). Be careful about what this means. A ‘scaled’ score is calculated by weighing the individual score per question using factors such as difficulty; a harder question attracts a higher weight.

After passing the MB-910 exam, you will earn the ‘Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)’ certification. It is not a prerequisite for other Microsoft exams. However, it gives a solid understanding of the four Dynamics 365 apps.

American college students may gain 3 college credits by passing the MB-910.

Related exams

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  • MB-230: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant.
  • MB-240: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Functional Consultant.
  • MB-260: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialist.

Other Fundamental level exams:

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How to learn the skills needed for the MB-910 exam

To learn the theory behind the Dynamics 365 CRM exams, . It covers all of the requirements of the MB-910 exam.

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